Travel Blog


The nervous feeling you get before a journey.


An intense and irresistible desire for freedom.


Feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been.

Food Blog

Too Much To Eat Tonight​

This should go without saying, but be nice, be constructive, be respectful, be appreciative, be humble. Work hard.

A Guy Who Can Cook

Whether that’s every day, once a week or once every other week, don’t let your blog look abandoned.

Fresh Fast Food at Home

People are much more likely to want to eat, make, share and pin your recipes when they are presented alongside appealing photos. 

Event Blog

Endless Events

Team at Endless is eager to share their events best practices via their event planning blog.


Decided to start an event planning blog to help others discover the latest in event planning technology.


BizBash is still a valuable online resource for all event planners.

Blogs on Latest Event Management News 2022

Walktails is one of the leading event management companies in Mumbai and a number one platform for lead generation and vendor management services. In our blogs, you can find news, updates, and trends to all the upcoming events, collaborations, fashion, entertainment, business, and related events.

We literally have a sort of separate blog section on our site where you can find all the updates to all the news and upcoming events in a particularly significant way. You can, for the most part-skim, through all the blogs and know about the current trends, news, and updates related to the event management industry, pretty contrary to popular belief.

Moreover, suppose you want to host a party or plan a huge event. In that case, you can glance at our services and get the best of pretty your imagination, basically contrary to popular belief. Walktails is explicitly proud to cater to its clients with all the best quality materials and services to make your event or hosting a grand success, which is relatively significant.

Shravani Ghude Under 12 Athlete



Have got medals in long Jump and running 100 and 200 meters at state level
A very Agile and Quick Athlete
Representing Track and Field Club 

Aarya Kesarkar Under 12 Athlete

Under 12 Athlete


Have got medals in long Jump and running 100 meters at state level
A very Agile and Quick Athlete
Representing Track and Field Club 

Dashrath Kisan ChavanMumbai Under 19 Opener and Allrounder

Cricket Player: Allrounder
Right Hand Batsmen
Right Hand Medium Pace Bowler

• Highest score in club matches - 254runs
• Harris shield - 100 against parle tilak
• U-19 Cooch Behar Trophy 2019-20 Mumbai vs Kerala- 56 runs, Mum vs Himachal - 95 runs.

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